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Cisco IOS images

Cisco IOS images

Cisco IOS images

CISCO IOS the site is provided for educational purposes only, not for commercial use.


Name Size
C1600-K8osy-Mz.123-5a.bin 6.6M
C1600-Nosy-Mz.123-1a.bin 6.0M
C1600-Sy-Mz.123-1a.bin 5.5M
c1600-K8osy-Mz.123-6.bin 6.5M
c1600-Y-Mz-113-3T.bin 1.8M
c1600-bk8nor2sy-l.122-6a.bin 13M
c1600-bnor2sy56i-mz.113-11b.T5.bin 3.8M
c1600-bnr2sy-l.122-6a.bin 12M
c1600-bnr2sy-l.123-3a.bin 16M
c1600-boot-r.111-20.AA3.bin 1.9M
c1600-k8osy-l.122-6a.bin 10M
c1600-k8osy-l.123-1a.bin 16M
c1600-k8osy-l.123-5a.bin 16M
c1600-k8osy-mz.122-15.T9.bin 6.4M
c1600-k8osy-mz.123-13.bin 6.5M
c1600-k8osy-mz.123-16.bin 6.6M
c1600-k8osy-mz.123-1a.bin 6.6M
c1600-k8osy-mz.123-24.bin 6.8M
c1600-k8osy-mz.123-3a.bin 6.6M
c1600-k8sy-mz.122-15.T9.bin 6.2M
c1600-nosy-l.122-4.T.bin 584K
c1600-nosy-l.122-5a.bin 9.9M
c1600-nosy-l.122-6a.bin 10M
c1600-nsy-l.111-7.AA 3.7M
c1600-nsy-l.111-7.AA.bin 3.7M
c1600-osy56i-mz.121-1.T.bin 4.2M
c1600-oy-l.120-9.bin 5.1M
c1600-oy-mz.120-28d.bin 2.3M
c1600-oy-mz.121-6.bin 3.2M
c1600-oy-mz.122-3.bin 3.2M
c1600-sy-l.112-17.P.bin 4.0M
c1600-sy-l.112-4.XA 3.6M
c1600-sy-l.112-4.XA.bin 3.6M
c1600-sy-l.112-8.P.bin 3.7M
c1600-sy-l.122-29.bin 9.2M
c1600-sy-l.122-31.bin 9.2M
c1600-sy-l.122-4.T.bin 9.4M
c1600-sy-l.122-40.bin 9.2M
c1600-sy-l.122-5.bin 8.7M
c1600-sy-mz.120-19.bin 2.5M
c1600-sy-mz.120-28.bin 2.5M
c1600-sy-mz.120-5.bin 2.5M
c1600-sy-mz.120-7.T.bin 3.3M
c1600-sy-mz.121-21.bin 3.5M
c1600-sy-mz.121-7.bin 3.5M
c1600-sy-mz.122-15.T9.bin 5.4M
c1600-sy-mz.122-1b.bin 3.8M
c1600-sy-mz.122-3.bin 3.9M
c1600-sy-mz.122-32.bin 4.1M
c1600-sy-mz.123-16.bin 5.8M
c1600-sy-mz.123-6.bin 5.5M
c1600-sy56i-mz.120-17.bin 2.8M
c1600-sy56i-mz.121-22b.bin 3.9M
c1600-y-l.111-12.aa.bin 2.9M
c1600-y-l.112-26.P7.bin 3.3M
c1600-y-l.113-11c.bin 3.7M
c1600-y-l.113-11d.bin 3.7M
c1600-y-l.113-3.T.bin 3.9M
c1600-y-l.120-27.bin 4.6M
c1600-y-l.121-3.t.bin 6.1M
c1600-y-l.122-2.T.bin 6.8M
c1600-y-l.122-46a.bin 7.1M
c1600-y-l.123-1a.bin 9.4M
c1600-y-l.123-22.bin 9.9M
c1600-y-l.123-5a.bin 9.5M
c1600-y-mz.120-7.T3.bin 2.6M
c1600-y-mz.120-9.bin 2.1M
c1600-y-mz.121-6.bin 2.7M
c1600-y-mz.122-19.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.122-23.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.122-24.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.122-27.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.122-31.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.122-32.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.122-40a.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.122-46a.bin 3.2M
c1600-y-mz.123-16.bin 4.3M
c1600-y-mz.123-1a.bin 4.1M
c1600-y-mz.123-23.bin 4.3M
c1600-y-mz.123-24.bin 4.3M
c1600-y-mz.123-3.bin 4.1M
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How to Mail Merge PDF Documents

How to Mail Merge PDF Documents

A step-by-step guide to creating personalized documents

Table of Contents
What is a mail merge?
What do I need to start?
Step 1: How to create a PDF document?
Step 2: How to add fields to a PDF document?
Step 3: How to prepare data?
Step 4: How to put data into form?
Advanced Topic: How to create multiline address labels



What is a mail merge?
Mail merge is a computer term describing the production of multiple (and potentially large numbers of) documents from a single template form and a structured data source. This technique is used to create personalized letters, documents, bills and pre-addressed envelopes or mailing labels for mass mailings (or document creation) from a database of names and addresses.
What do I need to start?
You need a PDF form (a PDF document with fillable fields) and a data file that contains records with information that needs to be placed into the form. You can use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access database or simply a plain text file. Let’s start from scratch and create a PDF form and a data file.


Step 1: How to create a PDF document?

PDF form is a special kind of PDF document that contains interactive fields where text information can be entered or check boxes may be selected. You can create a PDF form from any PDF, word processor, image file or paper document. You only need to add fields to the PDF document using tools provided by Adobe Acrobat. Fields are interactive elements where user can either type text or make a selection.


download Attached PDF for more information HowToAutoMailMerge




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